The Real Trump Deal (Hardcover Signed by the Author)

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Donald Trump considers himself one of the world’s best negotiators. But is he? Learn how he succeeded and failed in his 50 years of negotiating deals. Then evaluate his negotiations as president. It’s all made clear in The Real Trump Deal: An Eye-Opening Look at How He Really Negotiates.

Understand why Trump’s negotiations prevailed and failed. Learn from internationally recognized negotiation expert Marty Latz as he analyzes over 100 Trump negotiations and guides you through dozens of Trump’s strategies, highlighting which to use and avoid. Trump’s dealmaking past provides insight as to how he will negotiate with the rest of the world-and what it means for everyone’s future.

Find out how to use Donald Trump’s effective strategies-and avoid his counterproductive ones. That one new tactic you gain may make the difference between walking away a winner and leaving empty-handed.

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Donald Trump has provided unprecedented transparency into his business negotiations. His counterparts have also not been shy (including in over 4,000 lawsuits). We know what he did. Trump Tower. Taj Mahal. The Apprentice. President Trump has also now negotiated with Congress and the world. Does this require different strategies?

Learn the reality of Trump’s negotiations through analysis of the best of over 100 Trump negotiations – plus many more strategies.

Trump’s Top Ten Business Negotiation Strategies, including:
  • His win-lose mindset
  • Threats in Trump’s world
  • Trump’s business bullying
Learn from comparisons to masterful negotiations involving:
  • James Madison
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Ronald Reagan
  • George H.W. Bush
Expert analysis of  Trump’s negotiations with:
  • Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto about the border wall
  • Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare

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21 reviews for The Real Trump Deal (Hardcover Signed by the Author)

  1. Robert Cialdini

    With this book, Marty Latz has done us an intensely valuable service – carefully sifting through and assessing all the claims, hoopla, and evidence surrounding Donald Trump’s talent for negotiation. The result is shockingly instructive.

  2. Prof. Linden Dalecki

    Meticulously researched, highly readable and jam-packed with juicy underreported Trump anecdotes. Latz dives deep and unpacks the realities and mythologies surrounding Trump’s feel for leverage, his dealmaking prowess and his occasional ineptitude. Readers are privy to the good, the bad and the ugly in Trump’s approach to business, political and legal dealings. Latz’s real-world experiences and academic expertise, based on his training at the Harvard Program on Negotiation, provide a valuable contrasting lens through which to view Trump’s transactional / zero-sum-game / win-lose approach to business and diplomacy.

  3. Ashesh B. Troester

    I purchased this book as I wanted to better understand President Trump and the evolution of his thinking over the years. Mr. Latz offers a readable analysis of numerous Trump business dealings over the last few decades. The analysis is thorough, fair and intriguing. Perhaps the best thing about this book is the lack of a left or right slant/agenda. In an era of fake news, Mr. Latz provides much needed, well researched and thoughtful insight into the mind of a controversial business man and unconventional politician.

  4. Rhonda m.

    Just wrapped up this new Trump book and I have to be honest. I was slightly concerned that the title would be a “45 trash-fest” (and I’m pretty far beyond “45” fatigue at this point), but after reading, I felt the author did a good job of presenting deal after Trump deal – explaining why some negotiation strategies were effective while others were not. I wouldn’t really consider it a political book (despite the cover and title) but more of a piece designed to encourage business and negotiation skill improvement.

  5. Steven L

    Despite the title, not a political book but more of a thorough look at how one man–known for his business skills–has negotiated over the years.

    This book provides an excellent analysis of Trump’s negotiating skills, some of which are good and some bad. It is quite honest in its approach and Latz deftly avoids getting caught up in the controversy of Trump himself. Instead, Latz invites readers to examine the facts and compare those facts to accepted negotiating practices.

    Trump has a history of winning and it’s probably worth a read to see the facts surrounding his business acumen. He has also had his fair share of losses too, and so it’s probably worth examining those lessons as well.

    If you are a Trump fanboy, you might be surprised to see his many failures. If you are anti-Trump, you might have to grudgingly accept that there are a few things that Trump does exceptionally well. So, in that sense it has something for everyone.

    Regardless of where you stand, if you need to brush up on negotiating skills, this book should be your first stop.

  6. Dr. Marshal Goldsmith

    Success in business and life often depends on your effectiveness as a negotiator. Using Trump’s 100+ business deals as ‘learning lessons’—good and bad—renowned negotiation expert Marty Latz here provides practical advice you can use every day to achieve better results.

  7. TWayne Harris

    Great reading. Mr Latz’s used his 5 rules on negotiating in real life negotiations of President Trump’s negotiations. His analysis points why certain deals worked and others did not. Also, clearly demonstrated negotiations differ in many cases particularly business and politics. I have read several of Mr. Latz’s books and attended 2 of his courses. I am a retired attorney and was delighted to read this well written book.
    This is a must read book.

  8. Dr. Roy J. Lewicki

    Donald Trump considers himself one of the world’s best negotiators. Is he? Marty Latz’s expert eye-opening analysis of Trump’s 50-year negotiation history answers this question. Every student of negotiation — which should be every negotiator — will learn from this important contribution to our understanding of the most impactful negotiator alive today!

  9. Prof. Andrea Schneider

    Donald Trump’s negotiation skills have been on public display for 50 years. How good are they? Latz compares Trump’s negotiations to the research on what works. Everyone can learn from this astute book filled with specific examples, fascinating stories, and key insights.

  10. Norman J. Ornstein

    Donald Trump’s entire persona is wrapped up in his belief that he is the best negotiator ever. Whether or not he wrote any part of ‘The Art of the Deal,’ it has become his personal bible of negotiation. What kind of a negotiator is Trump? How much of the puffery is real, and how much is fake? How does his success—and lack thereof—in the businesses world translate into negotiating skill and power in the White House? These questions are answered powerfully and systematically in this readable and cogent book.

  11. Ivan W

    Fantastic book that breaks down major Trump deals from the 1970’s to current. Each deal is viewed from the lens of an expert negotiator to critique the good and not so good. The author does a great job sticking to the facts and never once does the book come across as biased. A very informational and informative read.

  12. Bill Kizorek

    If you were planning on buying two books—one on the business history of Donald Trump and the other on the subject of Negotiations—save your money. Just buy The Real Trump Deal. Martin Latz has written an exhaustingly researched book that cleverly weaves a tale of effective negotiating by using Trump as focal point. Not only was I dumbstruck by the real-life tactics used by Trump but, as Latz dissected those past “deals” he infused the analysis with an ongoing, practical guide on negotiations.

    With nineteen full pages of footnotes, Latz cannot be criticized for not doing his homework. The twist he adds in the structure of this book is original and compelling: he looks at what Trump did and uses his own extensive background as a professional negotiator (Latz) to tell us what worked, and what did not work for Trump. Along the way he recounts stories of how Trump scored highly successful deals (and he does give him credit throughout the book) and candidly tells us where he thinks Trump stumbled and failed. Reading the story of Trump’s dealing with the union boss of the cement truck drivers’ union in New York was as shocking as it was revealing; one of many Trump stories.

    Latz took advantage of some of the most successful (other) negotiators in the country to have them chime in on Trump’s negotiation skills. The body of knowledge about the subject of negotiations—from the earlier writings of Latz, as well as that of his colleagues—could be a stand-alone book. The traits of the most successful negotiators: assertiveness, empathy, flexibility, social intuition, ethicality. The five golden rules of negotiation: information is power, so get it; maximize your leverage; employ fair objective criteria; design an offer-concession strategy; control the agenda. I learned about no-win negotiations, and how inflexible positions often lead to failure. I learned about the important of deadlines, the ramifications of making your “opponent” uncomfortable, and how anger is counterproductive because it is “linked to reduced information processes.” I learned about the value similarity of positions and positive momentum.

    If there is a criticism I have about the book is that I just could not read it late at night because every page was so chock-full of information that I had to close the book and pick it the next morning. Better to read it over coffee as opposed to a martini. Regardless, this book is a scholarly yet entertaining look at a man who negotiated himself from a real estate salesman to the most powerful job on the planet. Latz has documented that journey with objectivity and precision. Job well done.

  13. Robert J Fauer MD

    This book presents a wonderful study employing Mr Latz’s method of negotiation, and game theory, towards the historical analysis and rating of Trump’s negotiated accomplishments.

  14. David Griffin

    Whether you are a friend or foe, this is a great look into the negotiating tactics of one of the most controversial figures of our time. I highly recommend this book

  15. Prof. Art Hinshaw

    The Real Trump Deal is a clear, accessible, and thorough examination of President’s Trump’s negotiation history through the lens of negotiation theory. Anyone interested in negotiation will like this book and learn a lot from it!

  16. She-Wolf

    For all the incessant media coverage, analysis, praise and criticism of Donald Trump, one of the most insightful works published so far about how the man thinks and acts is the book, The Real Trump Deal. Author Martin Latz looks at Trump’s 50 years as a businessman and real estate dealmaker, researched and closely analyzes dozens of Trump’s major deals and then evaluates them based on his negotiating style and skills. Latz, who is a seasoned, professional negotiator himself, applies the precedents Trump established in his past to examine how he may make major decisions as president of the United States. Latz includes a discussion of some of Trump’s policies after entering office, including the U.S.-Mexico border wall, and how the differences between the board room and the Oval Office may help or hurt Trump and the nation. This is not only an interesting read about the negotiating skills of the most powerful man on the planet, it’s also a valuable tool for learning or reinforcing your own negotiating skills – whether you apply them in business or at home with the kids!

  17. Hannover Fist

    Whether you love him or loathe him, Trump is fascinating.

    Marty Latz uses his extensive knowledge as an expert in the science of negotiations to carefully analyze Trump’s history and distill for the reader a constellation of negotiation strategies Trump prefers. In describing Trump’s negotiation modus operandi, Latz provides the reader a window into Trump’s values, goals, and motives, which, not only explains his past actions, but eerily predicts the behaviors we see Trump engage in today.

    Latz’s analysis is empirically-based, detailed, thorough, and even-handed. He writes in an engaging manner that is accessible to even those of us with no background in the field of negotiation. The book’s layout, with key findings highlighted in boxes, bullet points and tables, coupled with Marty’s conversational tone, made it a breeze to follow and a pleasure to read.

  18. David J. Spellman

    Honest, scrupulously fair and accurate, and grounded in all the cutting-edge research on negotiations. This book is a great source of truth. Also Marty is a mensch so the book reads like a breeze.

  19. Prof. Kevin Corley

    Fascinating insights into the workings of America’s 45th President and, more importantly, how we can all be better negotiators. Highly recommended to all students of negotiation!

  20. Prof. Charles B. Craver

    Excellent exploration of Trump negotiating style. A fair-minded assessment of Mr. Trump’s negotiating style — primarily in the business world, but also as President. Praise for his effective endeavors, and criticism of his failed efforts. A sophisticated analysis of effective and ineffective bargaining approaches. Mr. Latz explores these issues in a way that should entice readers to evaluate the effectiveness of their own negotiating behaviors.

  21. Keld Jensen

    Loved it! The Real Trump Deal’s content is highly relevant and unique and Marty Latz´s ability to combine expert negotiation knowledge with Trump’s business history makes the book readable, entertaining and educational.

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