Synopsis: Understand why Donald Trump’s negotiations prevailed and failed. Learn from internationally recognized negotiation expert Marty Latz as he analyzes over 100 Trump negotiations and guides you through dozens of Trump’s strategies, highlighting which to use and avoid. Trump’s dealmaking past provides insight as to how he will negotiate with the rest of the world-and what it means for everyone’s future.

Trump considers himself one of the world’s best negotiators. But is he? Learn how he succeeded and failed in his 50 years of negotiating deals. Then evaluate his negotiations as president. Our safety rests on his skills.

Donald Trump has provided unprecedented transparency into his business negotiations. His counterparts have also not been shy (including in over 4,000 lawsuits). We know what he did. Trump Tower. Taj Mahal. The Apprentice. President Trump has also now negotiated with Congress and the world. Does this require different strategies?

Find out how to use his effective strategies-and avoid his counterproductive ones. That one new tactic you gain may make the difference between walking away a winner and leaving empty-handed.

Critique: The Real Trump Deal: An Eye-Opening Look at How He Really Negotiates is a guide to understanding and learning from the negotiation tactics of billionaire, businessman, and American President Donald Trump. Author Martin Latz, who has studied and taught negotiation for over 25 years, has analyzed more than 100 Trump negotiations and distilled insights, salient points, tips, tricks, techniques, and more. Eye-opening, informed, and informative, The Real Trump Deal is highly recommended for any businessperson seeking to learn from Donald Trump, regardless of their personal views on politics.

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