The Book 71 Members of Congress are Reading

Congressman Ron Kind holds The Real Trump Deal book

In this era where politics seems to break the mold and top political pundits are having trouble predicting outcomes, many are looking for books that provide greater insight into the mindset of our country’s Commander-in-chief. What better way to gain this insight than by understanding the core skill Trump used for almost 50 years in business – negotiating. Of course, now he’s negotiating from the White House.

To gain a leg up in upcoming political negotiations, Congressman Ron Kind of Wisconsin recently distributed 70 copies of The Real Trump Deal: An Eye-Opening Look at How He Really Negotiates.

In explaining why he was so interested inThe Real Trump Deal, Rep. Kind wrote to Author Marty Latz about his book, “I can’t wait to get into it given that I’m down at the White House discussing issues with him from time to time.” So are his colleagues in Congress.

After reading it, Rep. Kind made sure that the 68 members of the New Democrat Coalition each received a copy of the book in addition to some of the leaders of the Democratic Party including Nancy Pelosi. Kind is the Chair of the New Democrat Coalition.

After the lunch where the members received their copy, Kind said the book was a “smashing success.”

“I’m sure they’ll gain greater insight about the Prez, as I did,” Kind said in an email.

But, members of the House of Representatives aren’t the only ones taking notes. Minnesota U.S. Senator Tina Smith also recently wrote a thank you note for receiving a copy from Marty Latz’s brother Minnesota State Senator Ron Latz. In it she writes, “It looks very interesting.” A photo of the thank you note is below.

The Real Trump Deal book being distributed to members of Congress

The White House Sent a Thank You Note

But Congress isn’t the only branch of government reading The Real Trump Deal: An Eye-Opening Look at How He Really Negotiates. We also sent a copy to the White House and received a note back. After all, the personalized negotiation lessons in The Real Trump Deal could greatly benefit President Trump.

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